Gohighlevel Expert, Clickfunnels, Zapier, WordPress, And Graphic Designer

Howdy's, Neks is here to share my technical capabilities to help small and big business owners to grow and reach their own potentials. I'll be offering you with a splendid and professional services. In a small amount of time also, I can provide you with an absolute performance and ability.



  • Gohighlevel (Setup Funnels, Saas, Campaigns, And Triggers)

  • Building High Converting Sales Funnels & Lead Capture Funnels

  • Payment gateway integration (Stripe, Paypal, Crypto, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

  • Autoresponder Integration (Zapier, Active Campaign, MailChimp)

  • DNS Setup

  • Sales Funnel Strategy, Optimization, and Implementation

  • Click funnels (Building Funnels/Landing Pages)

  • Building High converting High-Ticket Coaching Funnels & Webinar Funnels

  • Email Automation and Follow-up Sequence

  • WordPress Set up (E-commerce, Online course, Landing Page, Business, Web Portal and many more)


CMS/CRM Specialist with a passion for creating and improving interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich websites. While providing efficient web solutions, technical knowledge, and expertise.

Meet My Small Team

I have a small team who can help you grow and achieve your

goals in your online business

Deo M.

Graphic Designer / Video Editor

Jia D.

Task Manager / Assistant

Jerald P.

Website Designer / Funnel Builder

Christian M.

Automation Expert / CRM Specialist



[2018] - [2022]


  • Collaborated on a project to create layouts and images for written online content

  • In charge of daily graphic design, such as Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • Print materials such as posters, flyers, and brochures detailing the events were created.

[2019] - [2021] ( Front-End Developer)


  • In charge of establishing a new website and giving current ones a facelift.

  • Delivering finished websites to clients in a professional manner.

  • Install necessary themes and keep the websites light and SEO optimized.

  • Use Zapier for easy automation from other applications to gohighlevel

  • Develop website layouts, and designs while adding new features, conducting tests, and resolving issues

[2018] - [2019] - Customer Service Representative


  • In charge of dealing with a variety of customer concerns, including billing and collections, client queries, and product support.

  • Answer inbound calls in a timely and friendly manner


Frequently Asked Question

Can you design a website from the scratch?

I can build any kind of site you desire, no matter what it is. starting with a personal website, an online store, blogs, forums, and membership site.

When the site is ready, will I be able to change it myself?

Yes! I'll provide you the information you need and video tutorials to get you started.

Where do you accept payments?

I accept payment through PayPal, Remitly and Gcash.

When do I pay?

payments are made at the start, midpoint, and completion of the project, but we can work out a timetable that works for you.

What if I eventually need assistance with my website?

I'm one email away! you can also contact me through my social media platform

(Skype and WhatsApp)

WhatsApp: +639957256442

Skype: live:.cid.7e12c3a70c4d9d3e

Do you use a time tracker for your freelance work and team?

We do not use time trackers, as we believe they don't accurately reflect performance, particularly in fields like web development, where creative brainstorming and collaboration are essential, and we prefer to assess our work based on quality and efficiency.

Do you do social media posting?

Yes, we provide social media posting services to help you enhance your online presence and engage with your audience effectively, in addition to our web development and design services.


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